An Introduction to Fashion

Fashion is the distinctive trend of dressing, carrying, and presenting clothes, accessories or other items of apparels in particular ways for particular periods or seasons, often at particular times. It is an art or an aesthetics of getting dressed and presenting yourself in the most suitable and acceptable fashion to express oneself, one’s ideals, or one’s status. Fashion is a style of self expression and self-direction at a certain time and occasion and at a certain context, at a specific place or setting. The word means a style defined by the fashion industry in terms of what is currently popular.


High fashion is the style of dressing which shows good taste and affluence, usually during a high time of the century or immediately following a high time, usually in the history of a country or region. As a result of the high fashion status of women in these times, it can also indicate a certain amount of wealth. Thus, high fashion becomes a synonym for high wealth.

The art of fashion must be considered an expression of the human body. All human beings have the ability to beautify their bodies by putting on clothes, accessories and cosmetics, or by using jewelry, shoes, clothing and cosmetics. It is an activity that has been carried out since time immemorial by all the civilizations of the world. In a very simple way, fashion can be described as human beauty viewed through modern lenses. The importance of fashion can not be understood in any terms other than the fact that it represents and affirms the human body as it exists in its totality.