All About the T-Shirt

A T-shirt, also known as a tee shirt, is an open style of textile garment usually made of cotton, Terry cloth or a breathable synthetic fabric such as nylon. Traditionally, it normally has short sleeves and usually a round, V-shaped neckline, called a crew neck, that lacks a collar. T-shirts are usually made of a light and cheap fabric and are quite easy to wash. Some T-shirts have a zipper in the front, but most do not, which enables it to be put on and taken off quickly with ease.


The origin of the T-shirt can be traced back as early as 1827, when the French Revolutionists wore them as a form of protest against the unjust execution of their peers. During the Civil War, soldiers would use them as cover for blankets and bedding, while others would wear them as work uniforms. With the onset of the Industrial Revolution in England in the late 19th century, work shirts became more popular and were often worn by factory workers. After World War II, they began to be worn by the fashionable youth and during the 60s, the image of the t-shirt was altered drastically, thanks to the rise of the hippie movement. In the US, the image of the t-shirt was once again a symbol of freedom and non-conformity, and they were often used by counter-culture groups such as the Symbolic Youth Movement and the loose, expressive groups associated with it. With the emergence of the college campus and greater social mobility, the t-shirt has again become popular as clothing for college students.

Today, you can still find many different types of t-shirts, such as crew necks, V-necks, singlets, and many others. They come in a variety of colors, including classic black, blue, grey, white, pink, and many others. A good way to buy a new t-shirt is to visit an online store and browse through their wide selection of available merchandise. Many online stores offer free shipping and exchange policies if you are not satisfied with your purchase.