All About Clothes

Clothing are objects worn around the human body. In most cases, clothing is composed of textiles or soft fabrics, but over the years it has also included clothes made out of animal skin and various natural organic materials found in the soil, put together according to what fashion trends dictate. Today, clothes are available in a large variety, with new ones being developed every day. Clothes today can be either bought from the stores or they can be designed and produced by someone. Designers work with their clients to create clothes according to their ideas and tastes.


Sewing is an old craft that dates back centuries and has been found in many households throughout the world. It is believed that sewing was first used in Egypt during the 12th century. Some historians however, disagree. It is known that Egyptian women would sew their own clothing, using simple pieces of fabric, especially if they were poor. The methods of stitching vary from tribe to tribe but most tribes use a needle thread to make their clothes.

Clothing are objects used for aesthetic as well as functional purposes. A woman’s outfit has a great deal to do with her personality, thus it is important to choose only the best clothes. However, it does not mean that a woman cannot wear clothes that look like man’s clothes. It is all about making a style statement. Most people choose to wear clothes according to their gender. However, some wear clothes to please the opposite sex.