Wallet Folds To All Occasions

A wallet is really a slim, flat bag or case that is used to hold just those few important personal items such as credit cards, paper money, bills, coins and other paper or plastic cards, coins, receipts, keys and so on. The wallet can also be called a purse, briefcase, or man bag since it is usually smaller in size than these three things, though it can be a lot bigger if you fill it with just the necessary stuff. In some cases, the wallet can contain a small amount of money, such as travelers’ checkbook, which allows you to write checks against it. Another use for a wallet includes carrying one’s passport, since doing so can be more secure than carrying the passport along with your cash and other valuables. For women, the traditional use of a wallet is to keep makeup and other personal items that are needed for day-to-day beauty treatments at hand, while men often use them to hold their firearms and other important documents. However, there are also many modern models of wallets available for both men and women.


There are several basic styles of wallets available for both men and women. Most of them are made out of leather, although micro-fiber versions have also become popular recently. Most wallets are usually divided into three compartments namely, the outer pocket, the inside lining or wallet and the compartments of credit cards and paper currency. Some wallets can also be referred to as the wallet, card or credit card wallets, due to the fact that they tend to look much like credit cards or bank checks in appearance. Some varieties of wallets can even hold two or more credit cards at a time, and they are called travel purses or purse wallets.

Several types of wallets may be used for driving as well, such as the Nissan Arm car wallet (which looks exactly like a credit card), the International Harley Davidson wallet (which has two outside compartments and one inside compartment), the nickel pocket bike wallet and the nickel motorcycle wallet. There are also some novelty type wallets available on the market today. A pocket watch wallet, for instance, is a very fashionable type of wallet that enables you to fit a watch inside without getting it stuck in your pocket. A lot of people carry money, keys, cards and other small items in their backpacks, and these require a special type of wallet so that the items do not get caught up in the nylon. There are also many leather wallet varieties for carrying jewelry.