Types of Clothing Consisting of Hindu Clothes

Clothing are objects worn around the human body to keep us warm or cool, dry or wet. Generally, clothing consists of materials like wool, cotton, fur, leather, jute, cashmere, woollen and so forth, but over the years it has also included clothing made of animal skins and other thick, natural sheets of various materials and organic products found around the environment. Clothing can be classified into several types, like formal clothing, casual clothing, work clothing, leisure clothing, etc. The main purpose of each type of clothing, whether it is formal or casual, is to keep our bodies warm or cool and dry. Clothing also serves to enhance our personality by improving our appearance and giving us pride and sense of worth.

One such example of a protective garment consisting of a cloth-based material that is worn around the waist is the choli. This type of clothing can come in many forms- from lehenga cholis, choli skirt with a short or full piece of cloth at the front (longer in some cases), gaghra cholis, etc. These type of cholis are often used as a kind of Punjabi wedding dress. A Punjabi gaghra or a Punjabi choli looks quite similar to the lehenga. However, whereas lehengas have long, loose threads hanging from them, gaghras have short, knotted ones with flat edges around the edge.

Another type of clothing that can be considered clothing that serves to protect us from the weather or to make us look good and presentable is the salwar-kurta. This kind of clothing comes in a variety of styles- from the typical kurta, choli and Pathani, to the long, tunic-style salwar. A typical salwar-kurta is often worn by Hindu married women, to the extent of being referred to as the ‘erval’. A heavy, long-sleeved piece of this clothing is worn in the summer months, when one wants to look cool and casual.