Men’s Pants

Pants, trousers, or jeans are an essential item of clothing which may have originally originated from Central Asia, initially covering only the lower legs, and later covering both legs separately, with buttons or zippers at the ankles. Slacks are more widely used now and come in a variety of styles and colors. Trousers are most often worn with dress shirts, or other form of casual clothing. Pants are a great alternative to dress slacks. A number of dress stores sell a variety of dresses, suit jackets and jeans to cater for men who prefer to wear pants when they don’t feel like wearing a tie. Pants are usually considered to be comfortable and can be easy to wear and to look good, unlike suits, which need to be ironed after being washed.


The origin of the word “pants” is uncertain, but the meaning is clearly related to trousers or jeans. “Pants” could have originally referred to cargo pants, which are cargo pants with cargo pockets and drawstring fastenings. Silver badges are a common part of cargo pants, and the pants themselves were called cargo trousers, or underpants, in some places.

“Dress slacks” are a type of pant, normally with buttoned up front and back openings, but sometimes they are buttoned down the sides. Dress slacks were a common garment in the US during the late 1960s and became more popular in the UK later that decade. Slacks are a piece of clothing, never seen without a jacket, sweater or hat. The term “dressing slacks” refers to a pair of pants, never worn without a top.