Basics of Clothes

Clothing are objects worn around the human body. In most cases, clothing is composed of natural or synthetic textiles or fibers, but more frequently it’s comprised of garments composed of animal skins and other soft thin sheets of similar materials and even natural products usually found in nature, such as feathers. Clothing is usually used for two purposes – to keep warm and to keep dry and it does this quite efficiently, regardless of the material type. A lot of people have a variety of clothing on them at all times; they could be working, studying, cooking, cleaning, watching television, etc. And as they use their clothing, many people find that they tend to wear a lot of clothing and maybe not even know it!

Clothing are usually categorized into different types, like formal clothing which consists of outer wear like jackets and vests, skirts and pants, outerwear for children like t-shirts, shorts and other articles of clothing designed for their unique bodies. Casual clothing is another broad category, consisting of light clothing like jeans and shirts. They are usually worn during the day. One could classify clothing by the season: summer for the summer months, fall for the colder months, winter for the cold months of the year. Women’s clothing is the most important part of a woman’s wardrobe, because women tend to move a lot more than men and they also need clothing for certain occasions, like for special occasions like weddings and parties, as well as everyday wear. Clothing can be purchased in any local department store or online, depending on what the buyer needs.

Clothes can also be washed. However, it’s not advisable to wash clothes that were meant to be worn for some time, like for swimming or doing some exercises, because the washing machine leaves residues on them that can damage the fibers of the fabric. People clean their clothing themselves by hand, using detergents that are mild and gentle. They make sure that the clothes are completely dry cleaned and ironed if desired. Those who prefer to do it themselves can hire a dry cleaner, who would charge them according to the number of garments that have to be washed.