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A T-shirt, also known as tees, is a kind of clothing article called garment of casual wear that usually consists of short-sleeved shirts (collared shirts), with two or three buttons, featuring either a logo or other prominent text. A T-shirt is worn as an article of casual clothing in a variety of informal occasions, like a picnic, a barbecue, a casual get-together, a dance party etc. It is considered to be of no special significance other than being an article of casual clothing. It can be worn by both sexes and is a very comfortable garment to wear. T-shirts generally come in two kinds, one being the long sleeve T-shirt and the second one being the short sleeve T-shirt.


A T-shirt is also known as a simple garment, as it consists of only a single piece of material, unlike other modern apparel which features various accessories and covers. The term T-shirt is an abbreviation of the phrase “tee shirt” which is an American term for a type of short sleeve T-shirt that features a buttoned front and is usually made from cotton, a simple cotton textile that has been altered with additives to make it absorbent, stretchable and resistant to chemicals. Historically, it was an undergarment, worn as sleepwear. But over time it has evolved into a sort of modern day men’s wear having various fashionable prints, colors and styles.

Today a T-shirt has become more of an American fashion statement. It is a very common sight to see a man walking down the street wearing a t-shirt with colorful art work, logo and statement printed on it. You can also see people sitting at their workplace and proudly wearing a t-shirt featuring an object or quote. It has become so embedded in our everyday life that people hardly think twice about sporting one. And if you are not a casual wearing person then chances are that you would love to own at least one yourself!