A Cloth Garment is a Fabric Worn Around the Body

Clothing objects worn around the human body. In most cases, clothing is composed of textiles or cotton, but over the years it has also included clothing made of leather, animal skins and other artificial sheets of various synthetic materials and natural resources found in the surroundings. Clothing represent physical attractiveness, which can attract attention to a person, especially to a sexy woman, thus creating a desire to possess such clothing or accessories. Women buy clothing not only to be attractive but also to have clothing that can express their personalities.

The term “cloth” in textile is derived from the Greek word keratoi, which means “a fabric woven of a kind of fiber”. The earliest types of cloth used were animal skins and hair, since they had the best insulation. However, over the years, different materials were introduced to create clothing that had better insulating properties. For instance, linen became common cloth that was used for napkins, bedspreads, tablecloths and more. However, there was a big disadvantage with using linen because it tears easily. So, after the discovery of fibers, cloth was developed, and today we use synthetic fibers called polyester and acrylic that are superior to linen.

With advances in technology, sewing and embroidery became popular, and eventually contributed to the development of clothing. Sewing and embroidery are done by hand or with the help of machines. A sewing machine can be classified into a needlework sewing machine, a knitting machine and a spinning or turning machine. In addition, there are different types of clothing to choose from depending on one’s needs and requirements. Women’s clothing mostly consists of outer wear like skirts, dresses, blouses, etc., whereas men’s clothing is more common in trousers and blouses.