How You Can Transfer Money With Your Apple Wallet

A wallet is just a tiny little software program used on computers for online transaction transactions. If you have ever browsed the Internet at all, then you have undoubtedly seen ads for websites that use wallets to protect your private information while you are browsing the Internet. Many such payment solution companies, like Cyber Case, provide free wallet software which enables several different methods of payment for your wallet (including a number of different credit cards). With such convenience comes responsibility and with careless use of such software, you could open yourself up to identity theft.

Just like you should protect your credit cards from thieves, so should you protect your wallet. You may not realize it, but wallets are also prone to theft just like credit cards. In order to protect your wallet from identity theft, the first step is to learn how to avoid making online transactions in the first place. If you are going to be carrying around your wallet around, then you need to be aware that it is often much easier for someone to grab a hold of your wallet rather than your credit card or debit card. If possible, carry your wallet in a back pocket or inside of your jacket pocket. Also, be aware that you should never hand over your wallet or credit card to someone before they show you where you stashed them.

Some of the most common methods of transaction that you can do while you are out on the go include sending money online through PayPal or Google Checkout, to transfer money through your bank (either online or through the phone), and to send money through your debit card (which is considered safer because you can revoke access to your account at any time by simply deleting the transaction history). However, what if you don’t have access to a computer, or if you are working on an iPhone? Don’t worry, as there are some great new applications on the market today that will allow you to send money through your Apple wallet. Some examples of these types of applications include the PayPal Money Transfer App and the Google Checkout Wallet. Both of these apps use the same basic functionality of sending money, but the one that I am referring to in this article is the Google Checkout wallet.