Customized T-Shirts

A T-shirt, also called a tee shirt, or polo shirt, is an ordinary style of shirt with short sleeves and a square neckline, called a crew neck. Traditionally, it always has short, loosely-fitted sleeves and a fairly flat neckline, called a v-neck, which lack any sort of collar. T-shirts generally are manufactured of a light, stretchable and relatively inexpensive fabric, and are quite easy to maintain. They are comfortable, casual and endlessly customizable.


A T-shirt can be sewn with a seamstress or with a machine. The process of sewing a T-shirt is similar to sewing a number of other kinds of shirts, since it usually involves working from a center front flat look to the side seams, sleeve, back and waistbands. With a round neckline T-shirts can be made with either front or back stitches. A T-shirt with a v-neckline usually requires both front and back stitches. Most T-shirts have three or four colors of shirts and are made in solid colors, combinations of two or three colors, as well as in printed colors.

T-shirts are worn for several purposes like going to college, casual wear, for special occasions like parties and weddings, or as an element of fashion. Some people prefer to print their names, logos, words, phrases or decorations on a t-shirt and pass them around to friends and acquaintances as an unsolicited gift. T-shirts can be worn by both genders and children of all ages, as they are not considered a formal garment. One can customize a T-shirt by printing the desired message, design or image on it. People can also order custom T-shirts from various online stores where customized T-shirts can be made to meet specific tastes and preferences.